FESTO Didactic

Mind-Sight LMS

Festo’s web based Mind-Sight program is a state-of-the-art, ISP delivered, SCORM compliant curriculum delivery and lab management system. This feature rich system offers the very latest in Elearning curriculum technology.


FESTO my|eCampus offers interesting training programs in automation, technology, and mechatronics featuring didactically sound, media based learning.

Industrial Training Zone (ITZ)

The Industrial Training Zone (ITZ) eSeries Courses deliver a broad range of fundamental and specialty industrial training courses designed to help build a competent, qualified, and efficient workforce.
The ITZ eSeries Courses provide a powerful training tool that can be used directly where training is required, e.g., in the classroom, at the plant, in the office. It offers all the important content in the appropriate context, comprehensive assessments, and the latest tools to evaluate performance. With seamless integration into Mind-Sight, the ITZ eSeries Courses provide a multitude of ways to fulfil industrial training needs.