FESTO Didactic

0.2-kW Electromechanical Training System (8001)

The 0.2 kW Electromechanical System (EMS) is a modular program presented in four units on low-power, industrial type equipment. The topics include Power Circuits, DC Machines, Single-Phase Transformers and AC Machines, and Three-Phase Transformers and AC Machines.

Computer-Assisted 0.2-kW Electromechanical Training System (8006)

The 8006 Computer Assisted 0.2 KW Electromechanical Training System is based on the popular 8001 system. With the addition of computer control, measurements are performed using the Lab-Volt Data Acquisition and Control for Electromechanical Systems (LVDAC-EMS).

0.2-kW Protective Relaying Training System (8007 & 8010)

The Lab-Volt 0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System extends training in protective relaying beyond the operation and calibrations of individual relays into broader circuit applications.

Electric Power Technology Training System

The Electric Power Technology Training Program was developed to answer the increasingly diversified needs for training in the wide field of electrical energy. It is a modular study program for technical institutes, colleges, and universities.
The program starts with a variety of courses providing in-depth coverage of basic topics related to the field of electrical energy such as ac and dc power circuits, power transformers, rotating machines, ac power transmission lines, industrial controls, and power electronics. These basic courses incorporate most of the subject matter covered in other well established training systems such as the Electromechanical Training System, Model 8006, Power Electronics Training System, Model 8032, Industrial Controls Training Systems, Series 8036, and Power Transmission Training System, Model 8055, as well as many new topics related to recent technologies.

Electromechanical Systems Simulation Software (LVSIM®-EMS) (8970)

The EMS recreates a three-dimensional classroom laboratory on a computer screen. Using the mouse, students can install an EMS training system in this virtual laboratory, set up equipment, and perform exercises in the same way as if actual EMS equipment were used.

Power Electronics Training System (8032)

The Lab-Volt Power Electronics Training System is a versatile, flexible, modular, and complete teaching system. The system is available as an add on to the 8001 or 8006 system, or in a stand alone configuration.

Industrial Controls Training System (8036)

The Lab-Volt Industrial Controls Training System, Series 8036, has unique controls training capabilities, which are enhanced by its modularity and its instructor-inserted faults.

Control of Industrial Motors Training System

The Control of Industrial Motors Training Systems form a complete instructional program that trains students in industrial-motor control through the use of block, wiring, and schematic diagrams. Mechanical and electrical assembly of control circuits is accomplished without the use of hand tools.

0.2-kW Electric Power Transmission Training System (8055)

The Lab-Volt Electric Power Transmission Training System consists of modular hardware and corresponding software that enables students to observe voltage regulation, real and reactive power flow control, and system stability.

Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply (8960)

The Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply is powered from a standard wall receptacle via a line cord that connects to the module’s front panel. The module helps energy conservation by returning the mechanical or electrical energy it receives to the AC power network while maintaining a unity power factor.

Data Acquisition and Control Interface (9063)

The Lab-Volt Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI), Model 9063, is a versatile USB peripheral used for measuring, observing, analyzing, and controlling electrical and mechanical parameters in electric power systems and power electronics circuits.

Real World Trainers

Motor Starting Module

The starting module is used to teach two and three wire motor control. This module may be used in conjunction with other modules to teach more advanced timing circuits.

Reversing Starting Module

The reversing module is used to teach two and three wire motor control, reversing starter control circuits using pushbutton interlocks, and may be used in conjunction with other modules to teach more advanced timing circuits.

Sequence Control Module

The Real World Trainers by M.C.I. are a set of five Motor Control Modules designed to teach Three Phase Motor Control using Single Phase 110 Volts AC.

3 Phase Motor Control Trainer

The M.C.I. 3 Phase Motor Control Trainer uses “Real World” components to teach motor control. The components are industry standard components. The curriculum guides the student through basic start-stop functions through reversing, jogging, Hand/Off/Auto and timer functions, as well as audible alarms and signal lights, always stressing safety.