FESTO Didactic

Electricity Fundamentals (3460)

The Electricity Fundamentals Training Systems, Series 3460, each form a complete program for introducing students to electricity, as well as to the electrical components used in HVAC systems. Through this program, students learn how to connect circuits, perform measurements, calculate important parameters, and troubleshoot circuits.

Electric Heating Training System (3463)

The Electric Heating Training Systems use a modular design approach to study the control of an electric residential forced-air system. The systems feature components that the learners will eventually work with in the field, such as a thermostat, a control transformer, sequencers, and thermal limit switches.

Building Energy Management (3466)

The Building Energy Management Training System is a complete introduction to direct digital control (DDC) of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It covers the main schemes of control used in building energy management. This includes single-zone and multi-zone control, constant air volume systems, and variable air volume systems. This training system allows students to get hands-on experience with industrial HVAC control equipment. Through this program, students will connect, configure, and troubleshoot programmable controllers using modern HVAC control software. The course material also covers important topics related to HVAC systems, such as heating, cooling, free cooling, smoke detection, CO2 level detection, humidity control, and human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Multi Zone Wireless Control (3467)

The Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training System is a complete introduction to the multi-zone wireless control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It covers rooftop unit and zone controllers interacting with a wireless communication protocol. This includes floating and analog control of a single-zone, as well as multi-zone control. This training system allows students to get hands-on experience with industrial HVAC control equipment. Through this program, students will connect and configure rooftop unit and zone controllers. They will also perform troubleshooting on the training system. The course material covers important topics related to HVAC systems, such as heating, cooling, free cooling, and ventilation.

Lighting and Fire Alarm System Add-On (3468)

The Lighting and Fire Alarm System Add-on complements the Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training System. It covers human-machine interfaces (HMI) with a supervisory controller connected to the training system, and provides an introduction to lighting control and fire alarm in a building.

Refrigeration System Demonstrator (3400)

The Refrigeration System Demonstrator is an integrated training system that demonstrates the component designs and operating principles of refrigeration and heat pump systems. The demonstrator is mounted on a wide multi-colored panel showing refrigerant flow and change of state within the system. Four manual valves reverse refrigerant flow for demonstrations of the heat pump.

Refrigeration Training System

The training system clearly demonstrates the operation of the most common refrigeration system configurations, including dual evaporator systems. Lockable fault-insertion switches allow students to practice troubleshooting skills, which may be conducted at either the schematic control panel or at the suspect devices and components. Fully integrated courseware guides students through alternative modes of system set-up and control. The training system includes all the equipment required to perform the exercises contained in the courseware. Optional equipment adds to the efficiency of the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating training laboratories.

Heat Pump Training System

The Heat Pump Training System provides the necessary hardware and manuals to develop a solid understanding of typical domestic heat pumps. It has clearly identified separate circuits connected through a 4-way reversing valve to demonstrate the cooling and heating modes of operation. Timed automatic defrost as well as backup electric heating are also covered. Students will use manual and programmable thermostats to implement different scenarios in a plenum chamber.

Heat Pump Skills Trainer (3411)

The Heat Pump Skills Trainer provides training in the principals and components of heat pump operation.

The trainer includes a 1/5-hp hermetic compressor and two vertically mounted fan-cooled evaporators.

Control devices include two capillaries and check valves; a 4-way reversing valve; two dual-flow filter driers and two moisture/liquid indicators; and a standard high-pressure controller. A drip tray is also provided.

Dual Temperature Refrigerator Skills Trainer

The Dual Temperature Skills Trainer provides a basic understanding of a two-stage cooling system such as that found in a typical two-compartment refrigerator. One compartment serves the purpose of a freezer while the other serves as a constant temperature cooler. The trainer includes a hermetic compressor, liquid receiver, forced-air condenser, two forced-air evaporators, thermostat controlled solenoid, filter dryer, and liquid indicator. These components are panel mounted and stored on a mobile rack. The control panel includes a power switch, compressor switch, evaporator fan speed controls with indicator lights, and power breaker.

Air Conditioner Skills Trainer (3415)

The Air Conditioner (Forced Air) Skills Trainer provides hands-on training in air conditioning units that utilize the principles and components of forced air cooling.

The trainer includes a 1/4-hp hermetic compressor with a fan-cooled condenser, and a vertically mounted blower-cooled evaporator.

Control devices include a standard low-pressure controller, a thermostatic expansion valve, a room-type thermostatic controller, and a filter dryer with moisture-liquid indicator. A drip tray is also provided.

Refrigeration Training System with Data Acquisition (3431)

The Lab-Volt Refrigeration Training System is a compact trainer designed to familiarize students with the fundamentals of refrigeration. The small size allows the trainer to be installed on a table or a bench with minimum floor space requirements. The latest refrigerant and components are used.