FESTO Didactic

Industrial Controls Training System (8036)

The Lab-Volt Industrial Controls Training System, Series 8036, has unique controls training capabilities, which are enhanced by its modularity and its instructor-inserted faults.

Hydraulics Training System (6080)

The Hydraulics I Training System gives students a solid foundation in, and hands-on experience with hydraulic components and circuits; the transmission of force through liquids; conversion of force to pressure; the control of power; and systematic methods of troubleshooting and testing hydraulic systems.

Pneumatics Training System (6081)

The Lab-Volt Pneumatics Training System is an innovative, modular system that uses state-of-the-art hardware and courseware to deliver comprehensive training in the principles of pneumatic energy and its control applications.

The Pneumatics Training System uses the same workbench and many electrical components of the Hydraulics II Training System, Model 6080, providing a convenient interconnection between both systems.

Mechanical Training System (46101)

The Lab-Volt Mechanical Training System, Model 46101, familiarizes students with the selection, installation, use, maintenance, and troubleshooting of mechanical drive components.

Industrial Wiring Training System (Model 46102)

The Lab-Volt Industrial Wiring Training System faithfully reproduces an industrial environment where students can develop skills in the installation and wiring of industrial electrical equipment, in compliance with the National Electrical Code.

Fire Alarm Training System (46103)

The Lab-Volt Fire Alarm Training Systems of the series 46103 are hands-on training tools designed to train students in the fire alarm domain. Both the conventional and addressable fire alarm systems are available.

Piping Training System (46105)

The Piping Training System, Model 46105 is a hands-on training tool designed to train students for careers as pipe fitters and piping maintenance technicians.

Pumps Training System (46106)

With Lab-Volt's Pump Training System, students learn how to start up, operate, and troubleshoot industrial pumps in different configurations.

Rigging System (46109)

Moving machines is a basic requirement for any industrial plant. With Lab-Volt's Rigging System, students learn how to move and install machines safely.


Industrial Control Training System