FESTO Didactic LabVolt Series

Instrumentation and Process Control Training System (3531)

The Lab-Volt Instrumentation and Process Control Training System introduces students to a wide range of industrial processes (temperature, pressure, flow, and level) as well as with their instruments and control.

pH and Conductivity Process Training System (3532)

The modularity of the systems allows the instructor to select only the specific equipment necessary to attain the training objectives, without unrequired equipment. The pH and Conductivity Training Systems are available either as a stand-alone system or as an add-on to a 3531 system. An optional conductivity process add-on is available to complement the basic 3532 system. The addition of optional equipment allows the system to be customized according to specific needs.

Process Control Training System (6090)

The Lab-Volt Process Control Training System, Model 6090, familiarizes students with the fundamentals of instrumentation and process control. It demonstrates the control of pressure, flow, level, temperature, and pH processes.

FESTO Didactic

MPS PA Stations and Complete Systems

Each of the MPS® PA stations represents a closed process, such as can be found in an identical or similar form in many industry sectors. Their control loops provide content for designing demanding courses in measuring and control engineering. They represent the most important continuous processes. All stations can be combined with one another. The MPS® PA stations can be linked to the mechatronic MPS® stations and the discrete processes they represent with no problems at all. The SysLink interface is the basis for this.

MPS PA 204 Complete System

The system consists of the Filtering, Mixing, Reactor and Filling stations. The Filtering station filters a fluid. The filtrate is pumped out of the first tank via different process valves through the filter into the second tank. The filtered fluid is added to the first tank in the Mixing station. The Mixing station mixes different recipes from three storage tanks. The finished mixture is pumped to the Reactor station. The Reactor station regulates the temperature of the fluid. Different temperature profiles, with different mixing times, are run depending on the selected recipe. The Filling station bottles the fluid. The bottles are carried on conveyor belts to the filling position. A pneumatic separator marshals the bottles. The bottles are filled with different quantities from the dosing tank, depending on the selected recipe.


Skid Mounted Process Equipment

Petrak Industries excels in the mechanical design and off-site fabrication of skid-mounted processing systems and equipment. Our systems are fully optimized, engineered-to-order packages that plug right into the process flow at your plant. They are mechanically, electronically and control ready for efficient use.
Petrak process systems are typically skid-mounted modular systems made to handle fluid or gas. Skid-mounted modular systems allow the equipment to be tested before being shipped. They also provide a safer method of plant modification by minimizing exposure to conditions that contractors are not trained handle. In addition, if required, facility modifications can be completed before skids arrive to your site.

Simulation Solutions

Process Instrumentation and Control Help

PICHelp is an online reference and resource for anyone associated with the operation and/or maintenance of industrial process control. As processes become more complex, the understanding of control loops becomes imperative. The structure of PICHelp is such that the user can go from a cursory survey of the subject to an indepth study.

Polaris Engineering

Polaris Hot Trainer

Polaris Hot Trainers are engineered and built to industry specifications, providing a real life-sized experience on equipment, valves, instrumentation, and piping that is the same that operators will need to work with in real world plants. It is fully functional, providing pumping, control valves, PLC controllers, heat exchanger, heater, aerial cooler, sample stations, and lots of instrumentation. It operates with water, so it is safe and environmentally friendly to isolate, drain, tear down and rebuild class after class after class.


Industrial Control Training System