FESTO Didactic LabVolt

Suitcase PLC (AB MicroLogix 1200) (3240)

The Programmable Logic Controller (AB MicroLogix 1200 with Case) is specially designed to help students develop skills in operating, programming, and troubleshooting modern PLC-controlled systems. Driven by an Allen-Bradley®MicroLogix™ 1200 controller, the training module is fully supported by instructional material and is compatible with several didactic applications.

Advanced PLC Training System (Rockwell Automation) (3355)

The system comprises industrial components of the latest technology: a CompactLogix 5370 controller, a PanelView Plus 7 graphic terminal, and a Stratix 2000 industrial Ethernet switch. Several inputs (16 digital and 4 analog inputs) and outputs (16 digital and 2 analog outputs) and are accessible from the front panel using 2-mm test leads. Controls and lights can also be connected. Eight switches allow the addition of electrical faults during troubleshooting exercises. A SysLink interface allows connection to Modular Production System (MPS) stations from FESTO Didactic.

Traffic Light System (8075-10)

The Traffic Light Training System is a classic PLC training system allowing the implementation of vehicle and pedestrian traffic control at an intersection.

Electro-Pneumatic System (8075-20)

The Electro-Pneumatic Training System uses a PLC to control a variety of pneumatic industrial applications.

Electro-Mechanical System/DC Motor (8075-30)

The Electro-Mechanical Training System with DC Motor enables diverse PLC-controlled positioning and motion processes.

Mechanical System (Stepper Motor)

The Electro-Mechanical Training System with Stepper Motor enables diverse PLC-controlled positioning and motion processes.

Wind Turbine System (8075-50)

The Wind Turbine System provides a real world application that integrates into Lab Volt's PLC Training Systems.

Level-Process Control System

The Level-Process Training System introduces level control using a PLC, control relays, a pump, and a set of sensors.

Process System (8075-70)

The Bottling Process Training System is a small-scale reproduction of a widespread industrial process combining pneumatics, motion control, and PLC sequencing.


SIMATIC S7-1200 (Six Pack)

TThis special offer includes Six Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLCs and basic programming training curriculum. This package is a low-cost solution for PLC Training for large class sizes.