FESTO Didactic

Analog Communications Training System (8080)

The Lab-Volt Analog Communications Training System is the first in a comprehensive series of advanced systems-level programs that use the latest communications technologies to teach analog communications theories and practices in a variety of training environments.

Digital Communications Training System (8085)

The Lab-Volt Digital Communications Training System incorporates the latest IC technology with state-of-the-art signal modulators and demodulators to teach basic and advanced principles of digital communications.

Microwave Technology Training System (8090)

It is a complete, integrated package of hardware and courseware that allows students to perform experiments in microwave principles and practices.

Radar Training System (8096)

The Lab-Volt Radar Training System uses patented technology to provide students with real — not simulated — hands-on experience in the use of radar to detect and track passive targets at very short range in the presence of noise and clutter.

Analog Communications Simulation Software (9480)

LVSIM®-COM is a Windows™-based simulation program that covers the same courseware as the Analog Communications Training System, Model 8080. LVSIM® comes bundled with Lab-Volt's Data Acquisition and Management (LVDAM-COM) software.

Digital Communications Simulation Software (9481)

Computer-based simulation is a valuable step in the technical training process. The use of simulation software to demonstrate the principles and applications of specific technical areas allows students to practice and test their skills before they apply what they have learned to actual equipment.